Simply put, we make a snake barrier & trapping solution that actually works! Tired of throwing out moth balls, sulfur and other nonsense hoping for results? You want tangible proof that a snake has been caught and unable to get onto your property? Then look no further. 

Do you remember playing with a childhood toy called Chinese Finger Cuffs? Well, our solution kind of works like that...

Our patent-pending design has a unique filtration effect for blocking multiple sized snakes (barrier) and a snaring effect for those that try to get through (trap)! Our 100ft kits are: Ready-to-install, Low-visibility, UV Protected, Low maintenance and provide a Long-Lasting Solution for your snake problems. You can install on existing fencing or in a standalone installation (requires additional materials). All of our manufacturing is done in Shreveport, Louisiana by the wonderful clients of Frost Industries who employs individuals in our community with disabilities. 


Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares is a barrier-trapping system. The product design has a filtration effect for deterring snakes (barrier) from crossing it and for the snakes that start to breach it, they find themselves tangled and incapacitated (trap). 

It is most commonly installed along an existing fence structure, but can also be deployed as a free-standing system (requires additional hardware not in our base kit).

Our flagship system includes 100 linear feet of our netting, cable ties, and sod staples. You will need to determine the length of the area you wish to protect to purchase the correct number of kits. Don’t worry if you have material left over, that will come in handy when it’s time to repair a section after catching a snake!


Common Applications

Residential Industrial Barns
Commercial Military ​Livestock/Poultry Pens
Playgrounds Construction Airports/Aviation
Work-Site Safety ​Oil & Gas Natural Disaster Containment
​Gardens ​Shops Control for Displaced Wildlife


National American Distributors LLC - a division of Eve's Revenge

Warning - Children may get their fingers caught in the fencing. Do not allow children to play with the product before or after installation. Approach trapped snakes with caution. All snakes can bite and some snakes are venomous. Do not directly handle trapped snakes. Use caution when removing or releasing animals and always use protection to guard against bites. When in doubt, call a professional pest control company for safe snake removal.